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About Feature Team™

Our Story

Believe it or not, Feature Team™ was started in a basement in 2018...

Our founders, coming off the transitioning of a previous organization, were met with constant requests for software engineering, data management, training, business process, and design help.

The number of requests persuaded them to quietly start a new organization in Steel City (Pittsbugh, PA) in order to meet those requests.

Though founded in 2018, and still a small team, we are consistently growing our number of available feature teams.

With our roots in custom systems and agile software delivery, we feel we're at the forefront of not only defining tech principles, but also consistently delivering value to our clients, and their customers, and finding ways to do this at manageable costs.



Our Purpose

Why do we exist?

At our core, we are builders and business people who use their abilities to create software, tools and experiences that empower people and change lives.

We just believe we can create an extraordinary impact on the world through our culture, values and our technology excellence by continuing to do the following things:

  • Be an awesome partner for clients and their ambitious efforts.
  • Advocate for an equitable tech future.
  • Foster a community of diverse and passionate technologists.
  • Achieve commercial success and sustained growth.

Our Core Values

The company

Feature Team™ proudly and actively seeks to make itself more reflective and inclusive of the society we serve.

We are a diverse team and will always be a diverse team. Discrimination and Inequality will never have a home at Feature Team™ and we will NOT work with organizations who have a history of discrimination and inequality or who demonstrate this kind of behavior.


We are focused on finding solutions to business and technical challenges our clients face and we will use a myriad of minds to find those solutions.


At Feature Team™, we view each feature of a project as a stand-alone project where we identify vision, roadmap, and generate a business case for each feature. We collect and prioritize business and technical requirements, finalize the feature team and deliver high-level time and cost estimates. This repository of requirements, often called a backlog, will contain all requirements needed to deliver the final version of the feature.

Design & Development & Testing

We are practitioners of iterative development at Feature Team™. What this means is we literally plan our backlog into 3-6 week cycles of work where your feature team will design, develop and test 3-6 weeks of feature code, as a deliverable to you, the client.

After each 3-6 week cycle of work, sometimes referred to as iterations or sprints, your feature team will repeat this same iterative cycle with remaining items in your backlog.


In order to stay in sync with our iterative development cycle, Feature Team™ utilizes incremental delivery of features. If we’re working with a 3-6 week cycle of work, the expectation is to delivery feature code of a sprint at the end of the cycle of work. Each cycle of completed feature code will be delivered on top of the existing feature code.

What’s great about this approach is each cycle of work is kept fairly simple and small, making it easier to test and deliver making the probability of issues that much smaller, and if we run into them, making changes to simple subsets of work is easier than focusing on issues of larger feature sets.


From a marketing perspective, Feature Team™ offers design and creation of marketing collateral as well as internet ads, and possibly video, and recommendations of where you might purchase ad space for your emergent product.


How We Work

More than ever, effective management of technology is critical for business competitiveness. For decades tech leaders have struggled to balance agility, reliability and security.

We work to solve that struggle by building long-lived, cross-functional, cross-component teams that will complete many end-end features -- one by one: We call these teams Feature Teams.

We just believe that without a feature team structure, organizations are likely to drastically increase the costs of developing software by creating numerous wastes, low impact work, poor implementations that lead to waterfall development cycles, which, in turn, lead to failed projects.

Feature Teams, and true agility, resolve many of the issues created by waterfall processes by focusing on shorter cycles of work, high value items, simplicity and automation. In short, we, at Feature Team™, focus on what we call "Championship Habits" - we focus our efforts on doing the things (large and small) that help us win, which in turn, help our clients win...

Unlock your potential! Join a Feature Team and help shape the future of technology, business and your own career.