Frequently Asked Questions

Check below for answers to the most frequent questions we receive.

We have many ways of working with clients which means full feature teams are not required if you'd like to work with us. Send us a note and we'll schedule some time to allow you to communicate your needs and if we're able to help then we will ensure you have what you need to complete your project.

Lack of funding does not mean that we cannot help, but we would definitely need to truly understand your project, business plans, etc. If your project met certain requirements, we could take an equitable position in your project at our terms or help you find a way to fund the development of your project.

Yes, you can certainly hire Golang contractors from Feature Team™. Contact us with your needs and we'll work through the logistics of getting you staffed with some of our Golang developers.

We absolutely provide design services at Feature Team™.

Feature Team™ is an agile shop. On projects we lead as your "tech department", we leverage an amalgamation of Xtreme Programming and SCRUM to work through requirements for clients. We won't work any other way than the agile way...

Feature Team™ specializes in Go (Golang) Vue, and Svelte web development as well as IOS mobile development.

Feature Team™'s core team is located in Pittsburgh, PA USA, but we have several remote team members across multiple US-based timezones.

Recently, we've been working in B2B, e-commerce, finance, and tech.

Still have questions? If you cannot find an answer to your questions here, please feel free to send us a note.